A downloadable game for Windows

The first game I ever uploaded here, just a demo though. Kinda buggy and burn my laptop a little. Not very optimized, but at least it's playable (somewhat).

You play as Blue, a blue robed dude, whom, for whatever reason got himself lost inside this weird monster-infested forest. Don't ask how he got there, he probably just slept walking there one night and got all stressed up once the morning came. His attire? Probably just a hobby. 

By following the extremely helpful signs's advice you find along the way, help Blue to get home safely! (That, or just call the rescue squad)

Assets Used:

    Updated 12 days ago
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    GenrePlatformer, Adventure
    Made withUnity
    Tags2D, Metroidvania
    Average sessionA few minutes

    Install instructions

    1. Extract file with WINRAR or 7ZIP
    2. Open Blue's Trial folder
    3. Click twice Blue's Trial.exe


    Blue's Trial (window 32 and 64).7z 19 MB
    Blue's Trial (window 32 and 64).zip 21 MB


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    cool game, looking forward to the full version! :-)

    Good Game The Graphics Quality Is Really Good And The Sprites Look Perfect It Just All Looks Perfect Keep It Up! 10/10


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    Cool game, funny dialogue from the signs, only complaint I had was how floaty the physics was. Good Job!

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    As for the physics, I don't really have much experience with platformer game so I am not very sure wether it was too light for others.